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Elevate Your Skills with Elite Certificate Programs

At Saraswati Digipro Pvt Ltd, we offer a diverse range of meticulously crafted certification courses in collaboration with the renowned Elite Online Learning Platform. Enhance your career prospects and proudly hold an esteemed certificate in Programming, Business Acumen, Technical Skills, Soft Skills and Creative Art.

About Saraswati Digipro Pvt Ltd


Saraswati Digipro Pvt Ltd


We are proud to collaborate with the renowned Elite Online Learning Platform to deliver high-quality certification programs.

Programs offered by SDigiPro Pvt Ltd

Saraswati Digipro Pvt Ltd is dedicated to empowering students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their professional endeavors. We specialize in personalized mentorship and skills development programs tailored to enhance students’ employability and interview performance. We have successfully collaborated with several reputed institutions, and we believe our unique approach can significantly benefit the students.

Here are some key aspects of our program that we believe would be of immense value to your students:

Tailored Growth Path:

Our programs provide students with a customized growth path, aligning with their career aspirations. We understand that each student is unique, and our approach ensures that they receive personalized guidance to maximize their potential.

Certifications Recommendations:

Saraswati Digipro Pvt Ltd offers a range of industry-recognized certifications that are carefully curated to meet the demands of the job market. These certifications not only enhance the students’ skillsets but also make them more competitive in the professional landscape.

Summer Internship/Training Opportunities:

Saraswati Digipro Pvt Ltd also extends summer internship and training programs in Project Management and Contract Management, incorporating real project-based cases. We believe that hands-on experience is invaluable for students, and our internship programs are structured to provide practical insights into these domains. Additionally, students who successfully complete our summer internships receive certificates, recognizing their participation and achievements.

Engagement with HR Professionals:

We provide students with the opportunity to engage with seasoned HR professionals who offer insights into industry expectations. This interaction helps students understand the current trends, requirements, and expectations in various sectors, giving them a competitive edge in their job search.

Campus to Corporate Program:

Our Campus to Corporate Program is designed to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and industry expectations. As part of this program, we organize mock interviews to help students refine their interview skills, enabling them to enter the workforce with confidence and competence.

Discover our Diverse Certification Courses

Technical Skills

  • Data Science
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Database Management

Soft Skills

  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Conflict Resolution

Business Acumen

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Analytics


  • Coding Fundamentals
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Engineering

Benefits of Our Certification Programs

1. Career Growth

Elevate your skills and expand your career prospects with industry-aligned certification courses

2. Prestigious Certificate

Upon completion, receive a certificate bearing the esteemed name of the Elite Online Learning Platform.

3. Hands on Experience

Our summer Training Programs are based on Project base works which helps you to learn the environment of a work place

4. HR Interactions​

We align with the HR team and Professionals of reputed companies and invite them for an interactive sessions wherein they share the expectations of the companies while hiring the students


Package 1

Tailored Growth Path + Certifications

INR 2000

Package 2

Summer Internship/Training Opportunities

INR 3000

Package 3

Engagement with HR Professionals + Campus to Corporate Program


INR 5000

Package 4

Package 1+Package 2+Package 3

INR 8000

How to Enroll.

  1. Please fill in the form below with the name of the Package.
  2. Complete the registration process and choose your preferred payment option.
  3. Start learning and unlock a world of opportunities!


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Saraswati Digipro Pvt Ltd, Lucknow, India

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